Accessories and tools

Ideal system additions

A comprehensive range of accessories and tools supplements our floor heating systems and aids users in economical and proper processing of all products and components.
Long staples
PUR-THERM® system stapler

A small selection of our floor heating system accessories...

PUR-THERM® pipe dispenser
Connecting tape
Press-fit coupling
Adapter sleeve
Adapter nipple
Radiator connection bracket 90°
Radiator T-connection-piece
Connection screw
Double nipple
Retaining dowel
Film dowel
Screed additive
Plastic grid film
Expansion gap section
Angel brace
PE-film moisture barrier
Bitumen sealant and adhesive
System connecting stripe
Fixing tape
Edge insulation strip
Long staples
Various clip rails
Deflection curve
Expansion joint protective pipe
Compression fittings
Plastic adhesive tape
Connection couplings
Short staples

...and system tools for EMPUR® floor heating systems

Hot cutting tool OPTIMAL II
Notching pliers
Pipe cutter
Werkzeug?von EMPUR
Herz Changefix Tool
Box wrench
Torque wrench
Box wrench insert
Door tensioner
Ceiling spanner
PUR-THERM® stapler system
Hand dispenser

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