Wall heating dry construction system

Plaster elements ready for troweling

EMPUR® gypsum plasterboards for heating and cooling are designed for dry construction in new buildings or for renovations, as they are easy and quick to install and allow construction to progress rapidly.
Our dry construction elements consist of a 12.5 mm thick gypsum plasterboard into which the high-quality PE-RT 5-layer pipe is integrated at the factory. On the back, the elements are laminated with 30 mm EPS thermal insulation (WLS 035). The total panel thickness of 42.5 mm ensures sufficient panel stability with low weight. The position of the heating pipes is clearly printed on the surface of the panels to facilitate installation.
Two prefabricated panel sizes with one or two heating circuits allow flexible design of the wall surfaces. Another element, without a pipe circuit, can be used as a levelling/blind element. The elements can be processed with commercially available profiles (e.g. CD 60/27/06) like a standard plasterboard. You will find a corresponding installation example in our brochure (page 11).

EMPUR® plasterboard wall elements are used:

  • in dry or timber construction
  • in new and old buildings
  • in residential and commercial buildings
  • in single family houses and buildings for multiple families
Wall element with prefabricated heating circuitsPlasterboard, into which the high-quality PE-RT 5-layer pipe is integrated in the factory.

EMPUR® wall elements made of plasterboard convince

  • Dry construction element ready for trowel application
  • Suitable for cooling and heating
  • Fast response, low thermal inertia
  • Easy and quick installation on standard drywall profiles
  • Thermal insulation exceeds the requirements of DIN EN 1264 (R >= 0.75 m² K/W) compared to similarly heated rooms
  • High living comfort at low system temperatures
  • Detailed photos

    roduct photo wall element heating/coolingPlasterboard element with prefabricated heating
    Product photo wall compensation element dry constructionWall compensation element made of plaster without
    heating pipe
    Product photo plug-in fitting for connection cablePlug-in/through fitting with 4 outlets
    Product photo plug for plug-in fittingPlug for push fitting
    Product photo coupling for plug-in fittingCoupling for plug-in fitting
  • Benefits for the processor

    • High performance at low system temperatures - for fast response times and good controllability
    • Simple and quick installation on commercially available drywall profiles
    • Easy implementation of thermal insulation requirements in new and old buildings - our gypsum elements (with thermal insulation on the back) even exceed the requirements of DIN EN 1264 (R >= 0.75 m² K/W compared to similarly heated rooms)
    • Can be combined with a floor heating system - our plasterboard wall system can optionally supplement a heat transfer system or replace an existing system
    • Many expansion possibilities - comprehensive EMPUR® range with PUR additional insulation materials and various system accessories and tools, as well as manifold and control technology products
  • Benefits for the end-consumer

    • Full-surface thermal insulation due to the properties of the gypsum board and insulation on the rear side
    • Simple implementation of thermal insulation requirements in new and old buildings
    • Fast processing and rapid construction progress due to dry construction system
    • Suitable for heating and cooling - for a pleasant and healthy indoor climate all year round
    • Maximum comfort due to mild radiant heat from the wall - heat transfer by radiation is perceived as significantly more comfortable than warm air flows of convective systems
    • Comfortable room climate due to the most favourable room air hygiene conditions and heat distribution over a large area
    • Good controllability due to low pipe overlap in the panel
    • Energy saving due to low flow temperatures - wall heating systems can also be ideally combined with modern heat generators (heat pumps, renewable energies, etc.)
    • Future-oriented and economical operation
    • No restriction and new design options without radiators - more flexibility in furnishing, also ideal in modernisation projects
    • No swirling up of dust - hygienic system and therefore ideal for allergy sufferers
    • Increases building value

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