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EPS composite panels

Turbo-Cube and PUR-THERM® composite panels EPS basic system panels of excellent quality

The PUR-THERM® composite panel as a Turbo-Cube rolling or folding panels provides a quick, economical and flexible solution for all standard floor constructions.
Product photo Turbo-Cube
EMPUR® Turbo-Cube
With the “Objekt” Turbo-Cube and PUR-THERM® composite panels tested in accordance with DIN/EN, EMPUR® offers heat and impact noise insulations made from polystyrene with a heat conducting grade of 045. Even large areas can be laid unusually quickly and neatly with the Turbo-Cube version. The special, laminate, highly tear-resistant multi-layer fabric film with colour-printed grid (10 x 10 cm) ensures exception grip for the staples and thus enabled optimal attachment of the pipes. With a compression stress resistance/strength of up to 4.0 kPa and a high degree of impact noise insulation the PUR-THERM® composite panels are used above all when constructing residential buildings requiring load bearing capacities in accordance with DIN 1055-3 in categories A1 to C2. The range includes panel thicknesses of 20 to 35 mm for optimal combination with the PUR and polystyrene additional insulation materials.
For a higher compression stress resistance/strength of up to 5.0 kPa and a heat conducting grade of 040 EMPUR® offers the “V5” composite panel in the EPS-DES panel sphere with an impact noise improvement strength of 30-2, and for applications without impact noise requirements, the “Kompakt” composite panel with a heat conducting grade of 032 and a compression stress resistance/strength higher than 100 kPa in thicknesses of 20 and 30 mm.
Product photo. floor insulation panel
Additional insulation

Additional insulation

Additional insulation for flexible supplementation of the PUR-THERM® systems

In order to enable all types of system structures we also offer standard heat-insulation panels made from Polystyrene in accordance with EN13163 and polyurethane in accordance with EN13165 as additional insulation without a grid film and impact noise reduction, in addition to the various PUR-THERM® composite panels. These can be used with low compression stress resistance under screed as ceiling or wall insulation. 

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