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EMPUR® surface heating and cooling systems

Comprehensive professional solutions

The decision to install surface heating and cooling is a sensible decision for increased comfort, economy and sustainability. By now more than 70% of newly-constructed buildings have such a system. Floor heating systems can be combined with modern heat generators and regenerative sources of energy in an ideal way.
Mild heat radiation from the bottom up creates an increased sense of wellbeing. As a heat source with a large surface area, it can make an exceptional contribution to lowering energy costs at low flow temperatures. In this way it also makes a significant contribution to sustainability and to protecting the environment
Floor heating is also especially suited to people with allergies, as the heat rises across the entire room and hardly swirls up any dust across the large surface area. It affords the client completely new design possibilities without any visible heaters and increases the building’s value in the long term. 
Floor heating systems adapted to low installation heights and especially the present underground requirements are also being used more and more when it comes to modernisation.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Increased comfort through gentle heat radiation from the bottom up
  • Minimal energy costs through low flow temperatures
  • Environmental friendliness and future-readiness through optimal combination with alternative energy types
  • Suitability for people with allergies through the virtually non-existent swirling up of dust
  • No inhibition in terms of building design and a gain in space
  • Many combination possibilities with all floor covering bearing the “Geeignet für Fußbodenheizung (Suitable for floor heating)“ seal
  • Individually tailored solution for new construction and modernisation of residential, commercial and industrial buildings as well as for special applications
  • Increases building value
EMPUR® manufactures floor heating and cooling systems using more in-house produced components than any other floor heating system manufacturer. PUR insulation materials, composite panels consisting of PUR and EPS, heating pipes, manifolds and many more components are produced in our own plants at our Buchholz-Mendt location.

Continual quality assessments are carried out at core points in the production, with long-term data capturing. In the interest of the most objective and neutral product evaluation possible EMPUR® subjects its products to material testing and certification by nationally recognised testing institutes and assessment centres.

Our system solutions under one roof

As a specialist for floor heating systems, EMPUR® offer comprehensive professional solutions for the construction and modernisation of residential, commercial and industrial buildings:

Let the variety of our products convince you!

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