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Quality made in Germany

EMPUR® guarantees top quality down to the smallest detail

A critical self-test is the best quality control. EMPUR® is committed to producing many components in-house. 90% of all floor heating system components are manufactured at our own production facilities in the Industrial Park North in Buchholz-Mendt. With our promotional video, we give you an insight into our company!
We work under a strict quality management system, which is certified by DEKRA in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 9001 international norm. Everything that happens in the production and administration is recorded in writing, making the processes involved in service provision transparent. Tasks and responsibilities are allocated in a clear manner. Procedures are constantly monitored and, if required, optimised for the benefit of clients and staff.

Continual quality assessments are carried out at core points in the production, with long-term data capturing if need be.

In the interest of the most objective and neutral product evaluation possible, EMPUR® subjects its products to material testing and certification by nationally recognised testing institutes and assessment centres.

Independent testing authorities for independent test results:


DIN CERTCO is the certification organisation of the TÜV Rheinland Group and the DIN German Institute for Standardisation, and is highly regarded locally and internationally because of its independence, neutrality, competence and long-term experience.

State materials testing institutes

We collaborate closely with the Darmstadt and Dortmund State Materials Testing Institutes, as well as with the Neuwied Materials Testing and Research Institute.

EMPUR® delivers exceptional quality "Made in Germany"