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Portfolio manifold technology expanded

Quick-assembly manifold; complete manifold solution for surface heating

Responding to market demands

In order to support the tradesman in his daily work with innovative and optimally coordinated products, we have added two new system manifolds to our range of manifolds.

The system manifolds of the 03 series are supplemented by a Balance manifold variant with an integrated valve for dynamic flow control. The valve is integrated in the return of the manifold and - independent of the differential pressure - adjusts the flow to the preset value. Due to this dynamic control function, the stainless steel manifold is particularly suitable for the renovation of systems with hydraulic challenges or unknown heating circuit lengths.

The newest generation of our brass manifold, version 3.0 combines valve and actuator unit. The so-called unit manifold is closed currentless in standby mode and enables safe system operation at any time thanks to the integrated and manually reversible first-open function. The manifold is ideal for regulating the volume flow.

HERE you will find all information about our manifold technology.