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< Facelift for KLIMAPEX® heating pipes

Slim hook and loop solution

Klett technology underfloor heating; Klett technology surface heating

With a height of only 2.6 mm, the new Klett fibreboard is ideal for use in renovation. With the KLIMAPEX® Klett heating pipe from EMPUR®, which is optimally matched to the system, low installation heights can be realised.

The EMPUR® Klett family has grown

- Especially in the field of renovation, every millimetre counts when it comes to the installation height. For this reason, we have supplemented our "Exclusiv Klett" underfloor heating system with a fibreboard that is only 2.6 mm thick.

Our Exclusiv Velcro system, which has been tried and tested for years, combines high-quality insulation materials made of polyurethane or polystyrene with a clever Velcro technique that makes laying the system extremely simple and quick.

In this system, the KLIMAPEX® heating pipes are equipped with a Klett coating that bonds securely to the fleece surface on the support plate when the pipes are laid. Nevertheless, a position correction is possible at any time.

Until now, there have been six different thicknesses of composite panels in our range. Especially for use in renovation, we have now developed a highly resilient thin-layer panel with which - depending on the grout used - very low installation heights can be realised. In addition to a height of only 2.6 mm, the new fibreboard convinces with its excellent material properties. And, of course, the possibility of clean and quick one-man installation.

You can find more information about our Exclusiv-Klett system HERE.