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Welcome to EMPUR®

EMPUR® Produktions GmbH is a producer and full-range retailer of innovative, high-quality floor heating systems and has the right solution for every challenge:
Systems without additional installation height or with minimal installation height for modernisation purposes, as well as various applications with composite panels and additional insulation for use in new buildings. Our range is completed by system accessories and tools, as well as high-quality manifold and control technology products.
The company produces over 90% of all system components itself and adheres to a certified quality management system. Quality made in Germany, continual and pioneering product developments, technical advice, a three-level distribution network across Germany, as well as specialist training for wholesalers, tradesmen and planners make EMPUR® a competent partner in the heating industry.
PUR-THERM® stapler system
The proven and well-known floor heating system made by EMPUR®.
KLIMAPEX® plastic heating pipes
The ideal combination for all EMPUR® floor heating systems.
top-Nopp® mini system elements
For any construction where a low installation height is required.